A lot has happened since my last blog in March!

After 2 months of waiting for approval, Happy Pixie® and it's logo are now registered as a trademark with the government Intellectual Property Office.  My little dancing pixie is official! 

My new line in Enchanting Felted Fairies has been developed and can now be found in my online shop.  I love these little fairies and had great fun making them.  I'm looking forward to creating many more to add to the shop.  I have so many ideas for them and know that they will make a great collection!

The Happy Pixie online shop has been streamlined again, removing lots of old products to make way for the fresh new ones.  A few of my art prints have been added and I'm busy getting more ready.

I have also found how to link my Spreadshirt account to my website, so you can now access this directly from my online shop menu.  I am really happy that this has been possible as it makes it so much easier for you all to see everything from one place.  I hope that you enjoy looking through the products available there.

My associate, Tallewellyn Comics has completed the first edition of her new comic 'Tempus Clade' and you can also purchase this from the Happy Pixie online shop.  The second edition is currently in production so if you have already purchased the first one then I will keep you informed in my blogs as soon as the next one is in print.  Keep looking out for more details!


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