Step by step

In this section I will aim to provide basic information, guidance, hints and tips about several different crafts in a step-by-step format.  I may also suggest useful equipment or resources for those crafts along with a review of different types or brands that I have personally tried. It is my hope that this will prove useful to those who are new to that particular craft. 

Some of the sections are open to the general public and other pages that are more instructive are restricted to those who have registered on the website and/or have attended the corresponding Happy Pixie workshop.  If you have registered then please log in and you will be able to see more about each craft if it is available.  If you would like to register then please follow the log in link to create an account and gain access to more craft information pages.  I aim to add to the content of this section over time, so do please check back in to see what is new. I hope you enjoy browsing and find the pages helpful.