Linocutting is an art form where a design or pattern is cut into linoleum using metal tools to gouge out the surface.  This results in a patterned printing block that is used for 'relief printing'.  This is where the lino that has been removed does not print and the lino that has been left behind leaves a mark.  

Examples of some completed linocuts are shown below.


The linocuts are inked with a roller (brayer) and then the chosen material to print onto is placed on top of the lino and pressed carefully but firmly to transfer the ink from the raised area of the linocut onto the material.  This material could be paper, fabric or something else that you wish to transfer the design onto.

Linocut prints have many uses as you can use them again and again to repeatedly print a pattern.  You could use them to create your own custom fabric design, artwork for the wall, wrapping paper or cardmaking prints.  These are just a few ideas but there are so many possibilities!

For information about how to transfer a design onto linoleum, click here.