Mother's Day and Easter are fast approaching!  

There's still time to make some last minute purchases.  We have some new additions to the Happy Pixie shop with some brand new stickers, badges and fridge magnets  with some cute and colourful designs.  More of these will be added in the coming weeks so keep checking in to see what else you can add to your collections.

There are now new options for making payments for your purchases on the Happy Pixie website, as in addition to the PayPal option you are now able to pay by debit or credit card using 'Stripe'.  This gives you more choice with how you can securely pay for your goods with confidence.  For more information about Stripe then follow this link.

The new website layout is mostly complete now, though more streamlining may be done to make navigation around the site easier.  I will also be altering the layout of many of the 'how to' pages to make them neater over the coming months.  The website and business as a whole are getting a good spring clean! 

The 20th March sees the start Spring with the Spring Equinox.  Winter is coming to an end and brighter days are ahead of us!

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