Prepare your chosen fabric by ironing it first so that it doesn't have large creases in it.  Not doing so may cause your finished pattern picture to be distorted on your fabric. Some fabrics, especially heavy cottons may prove difficult to remove all of the creases but aim to make the fabric as flat as you can. Once the fabric has been ironed to remove as many creases as possible, take your transfer and place it in the desired place on the fabric, pencil side down facing the fabric.

Hold the pattern very still or attach it with pins if you think it might move.  Iron over the whole pattern steadily, being careful not to move the pattern.  The pattern image will transfer onto the fabric with the heat from the iron.

Peel back the pattern carefully to check if the design has transferred evenly.  Try to keep it in the same place if possible in case it hasn't all transferred.  If it hasn't, replace the pattern exactly where it was before and apply the iron again until you have an even transfer.

Your fabric is now ready to embroider, paint, bead or a combination of some or all of these techniques.  Have fun experimenting with all of the different things that you can do with your fabric designs!