To create a fabric transfer you need to begin with a design.  I have shown how to create a design on a different page (click 'here' to see). 

You can make/use any design that you want to sew. In order to transfer your design to fabric you need to make a transfer.  This is done by tracing your design onto greaseproof paper/baking parchment using a special fabric transfer pencil, such as the one shown below.


This type of pencil will transfer from the greaseproof paper to fabric and then wash off the fabric when the embroidery is complete.

To create your transfer, place your greaseproof paper over your design and trace the lines of the design using the transfer pencil onto the greaseproof paper.

Your transfer is now ready to use.  It's that simple!

To see how to use the transfer then please follow the link, here.